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Tableaux Traceries Supplier | New York City & New Jersey

CMI Interiors, Inc offers Tableaux® Traceries from Luna Piena to New Jersey & New York City customers. Tableaux® Traceries provide the look and feel of wrought iron at a fraction of the cost. Custom crafted from a lightweight and durable composite material, Tableaux is an amazing and versatile solution for many applications, with a simple installation.

Tableaux® offers a wide selection of designs and gives designers the ability to create their own Tracery patterns, making the decorative options endless. Tableaux® Traceries are custom made to the size and shape you require so that they fit exactly each and every time, even with specialty shape windows or openings.

Choose from 16 finishes to compliment any decor including traditional, and contemporary. Designed for both interior and exterior applications, Tableaux® Traceries could also be the perfect wall adornment or used to embellish a lighting fixture or tray ceilings. Traceries applications are only limited by your imagination.

Tableaux®, the world’s leading manufacturer of designer grilles and creator of the award-winning Tableaux faux iron, is offering a new product line called Tableaux® Veneer available from CMI Interiors, Inc.  Applied as a stain over a walnut veneer panel, Tableaux® Veneer lends an exquisite finish to design projects.

Tableaux® Veneer Designer Grilles provide design options for residential projects where interior spaces require a sense of warmth while adding visually stimulating wood grain texture.

Providing unique design templates and visually mesmerizing finishes, Tableaux Veneer Designer Grilles offer design professionals and architects fully customizable interior design accents, made from organic materials.

CMI also offers beautiful custom cornices and Shutter Inserts. Cornices and Traceries can also be ordered in solid designs if you prefer a carved vs. a grill look.

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