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Lighting Control

Lighting Control Supplier | NYC & New Jersey

With Motorization and Lighting Control options CMI Interiors offers a complete line of interior and exterior shading and light control products including specialty treatments and controls for home and office automation. We proudly serve the counties of EssexMonmouthSuffolk, and the surrounding areas (including Manhattan).

About Ketra Natural Light

Light in nature is a fluid presence in our lives—like sunshine, firelight, and the soft beam of the moon. The right light will captivate and fascinate, commanding control of our emotions.

Historically, indoor lighting has never been able to mimic these enchanting qualities. However, recent advances in lighting technology have allowed for a greater range of indoor lighting possibilities.

For the first time ever, Ketra is bringing the dynamic power of natural light to the indoors.

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CMI Interiors, Inc. is proud to offer home automation products to add convenience to your daily life. Offering both lighting control systems, automated shades, shutters, and blinds & device connectivity, CMI Interiors, Inc. can turn your house into a home of the future!

Quality lighting is an important aspect of our daily life and is often taken for granted. Light control is the ability to regulate the level and quality of light in a given space for specific tasks or situations. Controlling light properly not only enhances the experience, but it also helps to save energy by using light when and where it is needed most.

In the average home, most light controls are a simple on/off switch, rather than a dimmer. This means that whether it’s the middle of the day or it’s nighttime, your fixtures are putting out the exact same amount of light. In fact, light switches are one of the few appliances that only have two settings – on and off. Through dimming, users can control the quantity of light their fixtures provide to fit specific tasks, moods, or situations. This not only improves the experience but also saves wasted energy in the process.

In addition to managing electric light, regulating the amount of daylight that enters a space is an important aspect of light control. By using shades in conjunction with dimmers, Lutron systems can create the perfect balance between the two sources of light to save energy and create an inviting environment. Dimming modifies the number of electric lights, which in turn are complemented by the proper shade fabric and control that filters daylight. Together they save energy while providing the right amount of light for specific tasks or situations.

True light control reaches further than shading and dimmers. Lutron light management systems and equipment can make lighting a vibrant and vital part of any space. Daylight sensors, for example, can automatically adjust shades and overhead lights to maintain the perfect look throughout the day, while occupancy sensors can ensure that lights are never left on when a room is not in use.

More sophisticated systems like the RadioRA 2 and like HomeWorks can store personalized settings for multiple lights, allowing you to completely tailor the lighting scheme in any room. Selecting a scene is as simple as pressing a single button. The system can also be programmed to transition between scenes at different times of the day.

Preset lighting can have other benefits aside from ambiance and energy savings. Lighting can be set to increase your space’s security and safety. These advanced systems can work in conjunction with a security system to switch on all lights if an intruder enters a home, simultaneously warning the trespasser and ensuring that law enforcement will know exactly where they are needed.

With such precise and powerful control, you can completely craft the look and feel for any space, as well as its functionality and efficiency.

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