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Custom Drapery and Drapery Hardware

Wholesale Drapery Supplier NJ NY | Wholesale Drapery Hardware Supplier NJ NY

Wholesale Drapery Supplier NJ NY NYC| Wholesale Drapery Hardware Supplier NJ NY NYCDraperies are a classic, timeless window fashion that strikes an attractive balance between formality and tailored elegance. Whether simple or ornate they produce a completely finished look at the window that provides beauty, functionality, and insulation. Let CMI transform your fabric into the window fashion of your dreams. We provide wholesale drapery and drapery hardware that will bring your vision to life.

CMI Interiors, Inc. offers wholesale window drapery, custom drapery, and drapery hardware to New Jersey and New York interior designers and builders! Drapery is a classic window treatment that brings both formality and elegance to any room. CMI Interiors, Inc. offers custom drapery using material of your liking.

In addition to providing custom and premade drapery, CMI Interiors, Inc. offers a stunning array of artisan-crafted drapery hardware in your choice of steel, iron, or wood including The Bradley Collection, United Supply, Orion Art, The Finial Company, Paris Texas, Stroheim & Roman, Busche and more!

We proudly serve Manhattan NYCSuffolk County NYMonmouth County NJEssex County NJ, and the surrounding areas!


NJ / NYC Wholesale Drapery Collections | CMI Interior, Inc.


The Bradley Collection

The Bradley Collection has always been about thoughtful design, attention to detail, superb functionality, and impeccable product quality. For this, the brand is rightly famous. The Bradley philosophy though also encompasses a belief in providing a special, tailored, individual experience for its customers. The Bradley Collection is a truly bespoke interior design brand and within the company, this mantra that we share at CMI… “We can do anything”.

The Bradley Collection has developed its made-to-measure and bespoke services even further. The new Bespoke Drapery System includes steel, stainless steel, natural wood, and acrylic options, together with an ability to shape all of these materials to custom curves and bends.

Finishing products is one of Bradley’s core skills and the team has always been open to one-off requests for special paint finishes. Now, though we are making it even easier for designers and clients to achieve unusual and completely individual projects, with the roll-out of the Color Selector. This offers a choice of over 200 colors and finishes that can be applied on request to any of the products in the Bespoke Drapery System, creating a truly individual curtain pole or track.

In addition, Made to Measure Express range acknowledges the changing demands of the interiors marketplace, with a quality made-to-measure product available to meet projects with even the most strict time and budgetary constraints.

The Bradley Collection is a versatile collection of the highest quality, offering an unparalleled choice of scale, finish, material, and style for truly individual project design. Your artfully crafted, fine drapery deserves nothing but the best and the craftsmanship of these rods, finials & accessories is unrivaled. This is no ordinary drapery hardware it is the finishing touch of jewelry on your window fashion.

Orion Art Drapery Hardware

This extensive drapery hardware collection includes quality iron, wood & resin handcrafted into classical and trend-setting designs.  Orion offers an impressively wide range of finishes with the ability to customize any product, design, or finish.  Orion also offers beautiful wood and metal decorative cornices.

United Supply’s selection of products included 1 3/8”, 2 ¼”, and 3” poles as well as custom traversing rods (with or without rings) and templated bay window traverse rods.  In addition, there are decorative brackets, rings, and over 70 finial styles.

Select Collection

This collection was designed to provide you with a variety of beautiful drapery hardware and accessories with rich finishes and amazing detail at a price that cannot compare.

Stroheim and Roman/JAB is a must-see for contemporary to more traditional styles.  This euro-designed line offers a comprehensive selection of wood and metal rods in a myriad of finishes.  Stroheim & Roman also offers rods with an intricate wire system that allows rods to span up to 9 feet with no center support.

CMI also offers the Outdoor Hardware Collection by The Bradley Collection & The Finial Company. Extensive testing was done to ensure this steel collection will hold up against the elements allowing for a 5-year warranty.

The Outdoor Collection is available in 5 finishes: Stain Black, Bronze, Mahogany Rust, Soft Gold & Aluminum.  A beautiful array of poles, finials, rings, rosettes, tie backs and brackets are available to suit a myriad of designs.

CMI Interiors, Inc. Also offers Custom Cornices, Top Treatments, and Soft Window Treatments in Your Selection of Fabric.

For the Finishing Touch for your Drapery Design, CMI Interiors, Inc. offers a fabulous selection of artisan-crafted drapery hardware in your choice of steel, iron, or wood including The Bradley Collection, Brimar, United Supply, Orion Art, The Finial Company, Paris Texas, Stroheim & Roman, Busche and more.

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