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Panel Track Systems Supplier | NYC & NJ

The Panel Track System is a sleek look that can be used in any decor including Asian, Contemporary and Traditional. Its slim profile track designed for both wall and ceiling mount virtually disappears once it’s installed. It is a perfect product for light and privacy control when you are covering large areas of glass with panoramic views and limited stacking space. Our collection of exclusive fabrics echo a beautiful natural palette; or choose the option of C.O.M. Customizable options to include a number of panels, type of draw and controls: hand, cord, baton, or motorized. Whether for large expanses of glass or as a room divider, panel track is a solution that provides a distinctive finishing touch.

Panel Tracks are a popular, innovative vertical window covering solution: sliding fabric panels that glide along a track to easily cover sliding glass doors, patio doors, or large windows. Ceiling mounted panel tracks can also act as a stylish room divider. Panel Tracks function beautifully as a singular modern design element but also serve to provide a stylish alternative for rooms that require a combination of small and large window coverings.  Many of our fabric collections for Panel Tracks, allows you to coordinate with Roman Shades and Roller Shades for other windows in a room.  These classic elegant window coverings make a beautiful singular statement or work seamlessly in concert with other window treatments.


Many of our Natural Woven Shades offer Panel Track in Woven Grass Weaves.  Click here for more information on grass weave options for panel tracks.

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