Green CMI

CMI would like to let you know we proudly represent companies that are on the forefront
of environmental consciousness within the window covering industry and give you some
helpful hints on Making Smart use of Daylight & ‘Greening’ your Window Treatments.

All of our Wood Products from blinds to shutters are SMART WOOD CERTIFIED under
the Forest Steward Council which ensures a Sustainable Growth of tree species to meet all future
needs and educates the logging industry in ways to process wood without harming our land or
waterways. Our Tableaux® Traceries are made from 100% recycled materials.

CMI’s Kirtz Shutters are milled & manufactured with a grateful respect for the wood. Shavings
& chips created during milling are packaged for agricultural uses, while the dust is collected and
used as a clean fuel to heat the plant. Kirtz also uses reclaimed woods recycling and giving new
life to previously used woods such as wormy chestnut from old barns.

CMI’s Woodfold Shutters are a shining example of what manufactures are capable of when the
care about the environment. Woodfold partnered with Sherwin Williams Paints to pioneer the
water based paints & stains used throughout the industry today. This effectively cut the VOCs
(Volatile Organic Compounds) from 68% to 7% & the HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants) from
20% to 6% as well as cutting their own VOCs by 95%. Woodfold like Kirtz also recycles 75% of
all solid waste and uses recycled products when ever possible.

CMI carries a vast assortment of Woven Bamboos, Reeds & Grasses. These materials are well
suited to the ‘green’ minded consumer as they are a rapidly renewable resource and less taxing on
the land. Some of the reed patterns are even made of recycled fibers.

Hunter Douglas’s Architella Duette boasts the highest R value of any shading product on the
market due to its patented honeycomb within a honeycomb design. R values measure a products
ability to keep heat in and cold out; an R value of 4.00 stops 75% of heat loss through the
window. Duette Architella delivers R values up to 7.86 helping to increase energy efficiency.
Hunter also gets ‘green’ with Alustra Metal Blinds which are made of 90% recycled materials.

If a COM fabric Drapery or Folding Shades is the look you desire for your design choosing
a natural fabric like cotton or linen or fabrics made from recycled fibers can help ‘green’ the
window. CMI welcomes your sustainable fabrics for any of your soft treatment needs.

When speaking of energy efficiency Solar Shading Materials must be included and CMI offers
the widest array available today including newer more residentially friendly patterns. These
fabrics absorb the sun’s heat in winter and minimize heat gain in summer making it possible
to use shading products to help cool a space rather than running air conditioners which adds to
pollution and is more costly. Many off these fabrics are now available PVC free.

Motorization, although it uses energy, can actually add to the sustainable design of a home or
office. The control options today allow you to preset timed events or even add sun sensors which
allows for optimal management of heat loss and gain thus maximizing the efficiency of HVAC
systems & reducing energy costs.

For More Information Contact CMI 973.912.0922

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