Motorization & Lutron

Lutron Classico™ Binder

  • Fabric Categories: The binder is organized in four fabric categories, making it easier to find fabrics.
  • User-friendly swatches: Fabric Swatches are bigger (5” x 10”), easier to use, and oriented in portrait view so they are easier to see.
  • Fundamental facts: You’ll find key fabric specification & fenestration data on each card.
  • Essential information: You’ll find shade styles, types, options and technical guide information on an insert card, as well as information about Lutron custom printed roller program.
  • Comparison cards: Each binder contains a color and openness comparison card so you can demonstrate the difference between light and dark fabrics across four openness factors
  • (1%, 3%, 5%, 10%).

We are excited to offer this refreshed binder to you, and we hope you’re just as excited about sharing it with your customers.

Now available…QMotion Battery Operated Drapery Hardware!!!

Motorized drapery no longer needs an unattractive track.   We recently launched our wired Lutron motorized poles from our Bradley Collection   and now we are pleased to bring you the QMotion Battery Operated Drapery Rod.

QMotion has developed the industry’s first – and only – track-less motorized drapery rod.  This wireless drapery rod is free of noise, wires & external motors.  The patent pending battery operated motors are tucked away inside the 1.5″ & 2″ rods but remain easily accessible for the infrequent times when the batteries may need to be changed.  In addition the rod is equipped with an exclusive manual override feature.  The drapery rods come in six finishes with optional finials that can be mixed and matched to create a personalized drapery rod system that adds a distinctive look to any home or office.

Lutron Horizontal Sheers

Beautiful fabric meets industry-leading technology in these window treatments, where the soft elegance of a sheer is paired with the precise control of a blind.
Sheer layers combined with fabric vanes provide the perfect blend of filtered sunlight inside a space and view to the outside, while maximizing the control of both. Sheer layers also offer privacy, even when vanes are open. Fabric-wrapped fascia gives the option of matching the top treatment to the blind, or a custom cornice can be installed to finish the look.
While Lutron Sheer Horizontals offers a more limited color pallette, CMI offers motorization of similar products with the same Lutron Technology.


Lutron Battery-Powered Roller Shades

Looking for the most fashionable, flexible, and affordable automated shading system available? Our Sivoia® QS Triathlon® battery-powered roller shades are now shipping, with a 15-business day lead time. With options for whole systems or simple standalone solutions, the battery-powered roller shade can fit into any home on any budget.

Click here for the latest sales literature on this exciting innovation.

Are you using the Lutron Fabric App?
Browse images, order samples, and organize projects all in one app.
Choose from over 1,500 new motorized shading fabrics and materials. To see the fabrics
for yourself, download The Lutron Fabric Collections app for free on the App Store.To find out more click here.

CMI Is Pleased to Say We Are Also A Certified Preferred Dealer of Motorized Shading Systems From Crestron.



The Coulisse Collection by Lutron
the Beauty of High-Fashion Design Meets the Innovation of Motorized Window Treatments

Oriented on design and innovation, the collection includes more than 700 types of high-fashion fabrics and materials for roller shades, innovative pleated fabrics and a variety of materials for Venetian blinds.

The collection was created in conjunction with the Coulisse design team, and is based on an inspiration process in which the latest trends in homes and buildings, fashion designs, and timeless, classic patterns merge into a renewed, contemporary look in shading and interior design. The Lutron Coulisse Collection combines the functional, technological and innovative aspects of shading with design and style, answering key needs of interior designers and architects alike for new decorative possibilities in interior shading.

The Lutron Coulisse Collection
The collection is presented in four books, each representing a unique look and atmosphere.

  1. Elegance– the micro designs are inspired on classical fashion patterns, which have been renewed for a contemporary and sophisticated look in interior design
  2. Bold– a daring statement with expressive fashion design for roller shade fabrics
  3. Tranquil– a timeless natural atmosphere is created with natural and linen-look fabrics
  4. Impact– apart from an addition to a variety of materials for 2-inch Venetian blinds, called XL Venetian, which includes wood, leather and metallic colors, this collection offers a range of exceptional pleated fabrics, called XL Pleat. With their extra-wide 2-inch pleat, these unique fabrics, which are entirely new to the US automated shades market, create a grand look for the window.

Click below to explore the collection:

Roller Shade Fabrics

Venetian Blinds

XL Pleat Shades Fabrics

*Please note some fabrics are currently not available for distribution in the United States. Please contact customer service for additional fabric information.

Sivoia QS Wireless Cellular Shades

Lutron offers an affordable battery powered, wire-free, remote controlled cellular shade making it perfect for retrofit applications. Sivoia QS Wireless Cellular Shades can also be integrated seamlessly with whole home automation systems giving the ability to control shades in conjunction with lights for complete light control.

Not only is this cords free system a solution for child and pet safety the cellular shades honeycomb design provides superior insulation and energy efficiency. Lutron’s Cellular shade Solution is available in a wide variety of colors and textures from light filtering to room darkening. Click here for more information.

The newest addition to Lutron’s innovative line of shading system solutions, Sivoia QS Wireless is beautiful, scalable & reliable. This system can be used to control the entire family of Lutron automated window treatments, including roller shades, traditional drapery tracks, the revolutionary Kirbe™ Vertical Drapery System, tensioned roller shades for skylights, and Roman shades with CERUS™ safety technology to eliminate rear cords. This wireless shading system is a perfect solution for retrofit, renovation and new construction due to the elimination of communication wiring between components.

Sivoia QS Wireless offers precision control of shades in one room, multiple rooms, or an entire home or building all at the touch of a button. Using the proprietary Clear Connect™ RF Technology from Lutron, Sivoia QS Wireless directly integrates with Lutron lighting control systems, including Radio RA2, delivering total light control to any space.

Another attractive feature of a Lurtron Shading System is Intelligent Hembar Alignment™ offered exclusively by Lutron. Automated widow treatments can become misaligned and give an unappealing look to a space. The eye can detect a difference of ¼” at a distance of 5 feet, making even the smallest variation in hembar alignment detectable. Intelligent Hembar Alignment™ is designed to synchronize all motorized shades in a single space or an entire building.

Roller Shades

Lutron Roller Shades create the perfect light for any space or activity with an offering of sheer, dim-out and blackout fabrics. Choose a sheer a sheer to maintain your view while helping to diffuse harmful UV rays that may damage furnishings, floors & art work. Dim-out fabrics provide privacy while blackout fabrics are 100% opaque. COM Roller Shade Fabrics can also be fabricated with a Lutron drive.

Click here to find out more –
1. Lutron Product Guide

2. Gallery Collection

Drapery Track Systems

Lutron Drapery Track Systems electronically operate a variety of styles , including pinch pleat and ripplefold. Custom Draperies operating on Lutron drapery track systems provide a quiet, elegant, convenient control of daylight. Simple controls and smooth transitions transform any room into a pleasing, inviting space.

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Kirbe™ Verical Drapery System

Available in Fabrics from The Avant Collection™ this industry first is an entirely new type of window treatment. Kirbe™ smoothly pulls the drapery UP and completely out of the way at the touch of a button. Kirbe™ eliminates the “stackback” associated with traditional drapery making it perfectly suited for applications such as French & sliding doors, windows alongside fireplaces or at the end of a hallway – anywhere you wish to eliminate stackback. The Kirbe™ vertical drapery system captivates with its unique and unexpected motion.

Click here to find out more

Roman Shades with
CERUS™ Safety Technology

Roman Shades lend an air of sophistication to any space while managing daylight. Lutron offers over 100 fabrics and woven woods available in a variety of pleat styles and with CERUS™ (Cord-Eliminating Roman Uptake System) you will have a safer, more reliable and better performing Roman shade. CMI can fabricate COM Roman shades and additional woven wood and grass weave patterns with a Lutron drive as well as roman shades made by another drapery workroom as long as the shades are fabricated in accordance with the CPSC and WCMA Guidelines.

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Venetian Blinds with
Intelligent Tilt Alignment

Venetian Blinds are an attractive and effective way to ensure privacy while still allowing daylight to filter into a space. Intelligent Tilt Alignment maintains uniform tilt and lift positions across multiple blinds and combines smooth quiet motion with independent tilt and lift. Lutron Venetian Blinds feature presets to recall a predetermined position and tilt for the ultimate in performance and style.

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Tensioned Shades & Skylights

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Tensioned Shades provide solutions for skylights, bottom-up and angled windows. The innovative design keeps fabric panels taut and parallel to windows with minimal sag at a variety of slopes. Lutron tensioned shades reduce light gaps around fabric, and maximize the view when opened by eliminating cable guides that are typical in skylight shades. The frame may be surfaced mounted, inside mounted, or recessed.

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To find out how to integrate your shading and lighting click here

QMotion by CMI

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The first truly self-contained wire free motorized roller shade solution. QMotion is available in a wide variety of light filtering and blackout fabrics with the smallest uniform light gaps in the industry at only 7/16” on each side. QMotion also offers the benefits of near silent operation & an amazing overall size of up to 10 ft wide by 10 ft long and a 3 – 5 year battery life. If you choose a hardwired version is also available.

QMotion comes standard with its own RF Remote Control and is also available with a 7 channel remote control and a 15 channel Universal Interface for RS232 and 485 control for home automation integration.

QMotion Shades, which debuted at the NAHB International Builders’ Show in January 2011, have received rave reviews throughout the industry for their smooth, virtually silent movement and sleek, modern styling, including an Honorable Mention in the 2011 WCMA Product Awards category for Best New Technical Innovation.

Finally, a window covering product that is not only in demand because of its styling and engineering but because it meets all of the requirements for child safety and universal design.

The QMotion Honeycomb collection provides an elegant quiet solution to motorized shading. Unlike other motorized solutions, there are no exposed wires and battery wands. To access batteries, simply removed the snap on inside cover to replace the D cell alkaline batteries located inside our headrail. Because all of QMotion honeycomb shades are spring counterbalanced, the motors can move very easily and quietly. With this design they achieve a two to three times longer battery life than other motorized honeycomb shades.

The Honeycomb collection has the same award winning features as the groundbreaking roller shade products. A slight tug on the bottom of the shade will energize the motor and the shade will move upward. Similarly, by pulling the shade downward the shade can be adjusted to close without using the remote control. Qadvanced Automated Honeycomb shades are available in a wide range of colors and fully compatible with the controls for Qadvanced Roller Shades.

For a manual solution QMotion cordless honeycomb shades are designed with patented counterbalance springs which results in industry leading ease of operation–even large shades are easily moved to open and close. Qfree features clutch free manual shades that compliment QMotion exclusive fabric designs. Each Qfree shade is designed with the same quality engineering that you’d expect to find in all QMotion Advanced Shading Systems products. They can also be easily upgraded to a Qadvanced shade.

G-Rail Custom Motorized Drapery Track

-Totally silent operation -Up to 5 Intermediate Stopping Positions for masking requirements
-Variable Speed (2 inches to 10 inches per second)
-Interfaceable with Home Automation Systems -Remote Control with Infared or Radio Controls
-Low Voltage (24 VAC) No special wiring required -Various Colors Available: Black/White/Silver/Bronze
-Black system virtually disappears on Home Theater Applications
-5 Year Warranty (8000 cycles)
-Custom Curving for any Requirements with the Tightest Bend Radius in the Industry

Somfy’s WireFree™ Solar Pack

The new WireFree™ solar pack harnesses renewable solar energy to power WireFree™ motorized including tilt only, roll up & cord lift window coverings. This latest innovation from Somfy sheds offers the following features:

  • Patented energy saving technology uses the sunlight to power motorized window covering(s)
  • Maintenance free solution that doesn’t require the use of an electrician
  • Convenient and cost effective – reduces battery replacement and preserves the environment
  • Easy to install for new and existing window covering
  • Low profile solar panel is discreet and easy to conceal

CMI works seamlessly with designers, architects and home automation specialists to provide unique window treatments of exceptional quality whether common or complex. We represent the finest manufacturers and product from around the world including motorization & control products from industry leaders such as BTX, Goelst, Lutron, Mecho & Somfy.

We have the ability to motorize any product even skylights and specialty shapes. Our control options include anything from a simple wall switch to sun sensors, timers, group and remote controls including Infrared, Radio, and RS232 links to home automation systems.

For product specifications and wiring diagrams click here for
Somfy Motors
BTX Motors
Lutron Motors

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