September 2012 Architectural Digest Mentions CMI’s Beaded Chain Panels

Met Area window treatments

September 2012 Architectural Digest. Designs By Ingrao

…”In fact the choice of window treatments was critical – the space is a fishbowl, literally walled with glass and visible to neighbors from three directions.  (Meier’s original design specified solar shades that disappear into the ceiling, but they are translucent and purely utilitarian.)  Both Phillips and Kemper independently came up with the same solution: beaded aluminum curtains,…that would wrap the perimeter on all three sides, creating a veil of privacy and filtering, but not obstructing, the light…








Architectural Digest September 2012

Opening Ceremony
Text by Dan Shaw
Photography by Nikolas Koenig
Produced by Elizabeth Sverbeyeff Byron
Styled by Carlos Mota


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